Gallery Tribal Art specializes in authentic, collector quality African art. We offer a variety of sculptures, masks, miniatures and objects that are valued for their aesthetic or historical significance.

We cater to all levels of collectors, whether you are a seasoned buyer, dealer or new to the field of tribal art. With over 40 years of experience, we stand behind our reputation for offering valuable and unusual objects. Each piece has been evaluated and comes with detailed information and comparable examples from auctions and African art textbooks.

Our goal is to provide to discerning collectors, objects of beauty, quality and cultural value. We look forward to assisting you.

Presently our gallery in the historic Canyon Road Art District called Intrigue Gallery at 238 Delgado St is open Daily 10:30-4:30 Closed Monday and Tuesdays and available by appointment Visit: www.intriguegallery.com

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Serving collectors, dealers, antiquities connoisseurs, curators, academics, auction houses, art consultants & all African Art lovers.

Questions? Please give us a call at 505.699.7810 or email us, we’re happy to assist.

Robert Fiedler, African Art Collector and Gallery Owner
Robert Fiedler, Collector, Curator & Art Dealer


Affordable, one-of-a-kind pieces, carefully curated.

Hand-selected by art dealer Robert Fiedler

For the past 40 years, Robert Fiedler has had a passion for collecting fine African Art. After obtaining degrees in Anthropology, he researched the objects that African explorers have introduced to the west.

Robert values the ritual, religious and social use of each object and how it served a function in cultural society. Like many collectors, he appreciates the exotic beauty, the power and artistic style of each carving, be it abstract or figurative. Robert’s depth of experience, his eye for the authentic and unusual, and his appreciation of the mystery and spirituality that is connected to African art is seen throughout the collection for sale that is presented here. Enjoy your explorations!

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