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Visit our Gallery at 238 Delgado St Santa Fe, NM www.IntrigueGallery.com

New Exhibit Miniature Dan & Bassa Passport Masks, Click on Photo Below


Intrigue Gallery Santa Fe 

The Santa Fe Show at El Museo Cultural de Santa Fe, NM / Show Dates: Aug. 15-17, 2014 booth C-8



Home Page of GalleryTribalArt.com GalleryTribalArts.com
Gallery Tribal Art

Gallery Tribal Art specializes in quality, antique African art. Please visit our Santa Fe gallery called Intrigue, in the historic Canyon Rd art district and browse the website to view our collection of authentic African masks, sculpture and miniatures. We have a wide variety of objects sure to please collectors, connoisseurs and designers. Our goal is to provide to discerning collectors, objects of beauty, quality and cultural value. As Jacques Kerchache said of "primal arts," don't be afraid to let it get inside you, open up your dreams, give it your time, appropriate it and love it.