Ngbaka Figure


The Ngbaka of the Ubangi region carved female figures that represent Nabo, a mythological ancestor. The Ngbaka figure was placed at the foot of an altar and served as a guardian of it’s owner and their families. These figures drove away the evil spirits that caused sickness, death, poor harvests, maladies, nervous disorders in women and ensured successful hunting.

Origin: Democratic Republic of Congo
Time Period: Early 20th c
Provenance:  Ex: San Francisco, CA collection
Materials: Wood, encrustation and excellent patina with a custom wood stand
Dimensions: 14  in. high x  4 in. wide 
Condition: Figure in good condition with abrasion to chin with vertical age cracks to chin, back of head and down her back.
Inventory #A1025
Price: $ 750

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