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Our various African Art galleries showcase authentic, collector quality African art: sculptures, masks, miniatures and objects that are valued for their aesthetic or historical significance. Each piece has been evaluated and comes with detailed information and comparable examples from auctions and African art textbooks.

With over 35 years of experience, we stand behind our reputation for offering valuable and rare objects. We look forward to assisting you. Contact us with any questions, or for more information.

Chokwe mask, Front View, Democratic Republic of Congo

View our collection of West African masks of the Idoma, Igbo, Ogoni and Yoruba plus Central African masks of the Bembe, Chokwe, Kuba, Pende, Salampasu and Yaka.  View Gallery >

Arussi Shield, Front View, Ethiopia

Our African Figures collection includes statues from the Ekoi, Kongo, Kotoko, Mitsogho, Mumuye, Pende and Masai and Arussi shields,  Kwese and Nagu fetishes. View Gallery >

Pende Whistle, Front View, Democratic Republic of Congo

Explore our collection of Baule, Chokwe, Ogboni, Pende figures, Kuba cup, Yoruba Eshu and fetishes from the Luba, Songye, Teke and Yaka.   View Gallery >

Ekoi mask, Left View, Nigeria

Hand selected from Robert Fiedler’s private collection, peruse sculptures, figures, fetishes, masks, cups, shields, baskets, musical instruments and objects. View Gallery >